Some samples of patients are difficult to get, so we take care of the work of the professionals outside the laboratory complying with the temperatures and times of transit at all times.

Logistic Management of Clinical Trials

With extensive experience in the transport and storage of clinical samples at controlled temperature, Polar Expres is especially focused on the logistics management of Clinical Trials and diagnostic tests.

The most common in the transport of biological samples is:

  • Patient samples for Clinical Trials (antidoping, diagnostics …)
  • Biological samples/specimens (vaccines, sera, sperm, stem cells, umbilical cord, biological samples in general and tissues, etc.)
  • Dangerous / infectious goods.
  • Sperm and embryos for IVF centers

Temperature-controlled transport includes: room temperature (controlled), refrigerated, frozen, in liquid nitrogen, dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) or alcohols.

Our staff offers customized logistics for your clinical trials:

  • Pre-trial: Detailed development of all logistic processes. Review of addresses, contacts, transport schedules, review of protocols together with investigators to solve possible problems, etc. And with our PE-SAVIO data management system, you can program the collections and enter the number of samples and patients in a virtual delivery note.
  • During the trial: Collection and delivery of biological samples, drugs and other study materials, using our temperature controlled packaging.
  • Completed Trial: Emission of reports, reports and certificates of temperatures.


See the certificate maintained by PolarExpres in ISO 9001 quality on the transport of biological samples.


gestión logística de Ensayos Clínicos
tubos de ensayos clinicos
logistica ensayos clinicos


We also advise and manage all your administrative procedures, such as import permits, authorizations of competent bodies in health, etc…

With our PE-TRACKER system (GPS positioning) you can see in real time where the samples are and the temperature at which they travel.

We also have a service of “confirming” reading and registration of temperature of arrival.
From our technical department we develop special isothermal packages and the traffic and tracking department decides the best route to use.

Do you know SAVIO? The on-line tool developed entirely by PolarExpres to facilitate the logistics management of your clinical trials:

Read more about SAVIO…