High Tech

Polar Expres counts on an ample range of technological solutions such as:

  • GLOBAL POSITIONING BY GPS: With reports in real time, for temperature, humidity, pressure…
  • The transport containers have a GPS module incorporated, which constantly transmits the position and temperature.
  • All from any device (CELL PHONE OR FIXED LINE) thanks to our online monitoring via the web (online platform www.PE-TRACKING.com)
  • With this tool we are able to make critical decisions, given that we are provided with reliable information.
  • ONLINE TOOLS FOR CLINICAL TRIAL MANAGEMENT: An informational tool based in i-CLOUD, developed by POLAR EXPRES, so that clients may make their plans, reservations, program shipments, and most importantly, follow the logistical management of their clinical trials with historical data, by simply connecting to the web.

This gives POLAR EXPRES the possibility to interact with any point of the network, at any moment and location desired.

The objective is to have all the information available for everyone involved, so that everything will be recorded and supported digitally, and will be available at any moment to anyone, via the web.