Global Project Study

Consulting (document management)

We find solutions for all your problems

Trained and experienced professionals who recognize the importance of all shipments and know each of the aspects of the clinical study process, which allows them to ensure the safe transport of all shipments.

From Polar Expres, we provide you with personalized advice on:

  • Customs.
  • International regulations and requirements.
  • Classification of dangerous materials.
  • Review of exportation bills.
  • International trade.
  • Airlines and airports.
  • Export documents.
  • Veterinary and health certificates.
  • Declarations of export/import.
  • Licenses of export/import.
  • Policies of insurance for merchandise.

The project management team offers the following services:

  • Integral Planning: Define the scope of the projects and prepare the corresponding plans.
  • Clear communication: Central contact point office for customers and Polar Expres team.
  • Management with attention to every detail: It deals with clearly understanding the expectations of the client and prepares frequent status reports.
  • Competent execution: Ensures that clinical study supplies are processed on time and in accordance with specifications.
  • Complete documentation and closure: Prepare and archive all project documentation.

Dangerous merchandise

The materials categorized as infectious or diagnostic (A or B) should complete the requirements for their transport. We provide recommendations about the rules and norms of the WHO, UN, IATA and ADR, as well as GPx recommendations.

We also provide a service of re-labeling of products, accomplished with perfection according to the regulations of each country.