Biological samples

Shipment of biological samples

Polar Expres pays special attention to the transport of biological and pharmaceutical materials such as:

  • Samples from patients for clinical and drug trials
  • Medical tests
  • Diagnostics
  • Anti-doping
  • Sperm and embryos
  • Samples and biological specimen (vaccines, serum, blood samples, sperm, stem cells, umbilical cords, general biological samples, organs and tissues, etc.)
  • Infectious material class 6.2 UN2814, UN2900 and UN3373

Always with the guarantee that the product will arrive at the temperature and time indicated.

Shipments of biological samples should be performed always know working protocols laboratories origin and destination center. Logistics planning is important to get good results in transit times and temperatures of delivery and in the case of consignments of infectious samples, it is not only important, if not mandatory, leaving written planning and incidents that may result in the transit.

Polar Expres is a certified in shipments of biological samples at a controlled temperature company under ISO 9001-2015.

This certification guarantees that our processes are standardized and available to any member of our organization to fulfill normal in any situation.