Sensitive Food Samples

Transport of food samples

A necessary task for the analysis and testing in the laboratories chosen by the manufacturers.

These shipments may have both national and international delivery, as well as when these types of samples are sent to fairs in different parts of the globe.

We have great experience in this type of temperature controlled services, so we work with the most relevant national companies in the food sector. It is also true that we are receiving more and more business inquiries that are still being born and need guidance to send the samples they want to market and thus make themselves known at different levels to be able to grow gradually.

These shipments are usually made in refrigerated or frozen. Normally they require special delicacy because they are fragile samples that have to arrive in perfect conditions at destination, examples of shipments made are:

  • Pastries: pies, cakes
  • Pre-cooked food
  • Gourmet food
  • Samples of vegetables