Sustainability policy

POLAR EXPRES, committed to the environment

At Polar Expres we work to make our activity as eco-friendly as possible. We develop our work with the firm commitment to sustainability, worrying about taking care of the planet in each of our operations.

Among other actions, our courier team uses reusable plastic containers. In the same way that we avoid the use of porex boxes, limiting their use for shipments to international destinations and setting a cost for returns higher than the ecological cost of recycling it.

Guess how many porex boxes we have prevented from ending up in landfills?

  • 10 years of operations.
  • Total deliveries + – 100,000.
  • 90% of our deliveries in returnable boxes.

With these actions we have prevented 80,000 boxes from ending up in landfills. Do you know what this data means? 80,000 boxes is the equivalent of 10,000,000 million liters, which is the equivalent to 10 Olympic pools full of boxes.


On the other hand, to be ecologically friendly, we have developed a project to erase our carbon footprint and very soon we will allocate a percentage of the company’s profits to the development of a new project to plant trees all over the planet.

Because the more trees there are on our planet, the cleaner the air we breathe will be.