Packaging Techniques

UN 3373

The most common within the category of biological samples.

This category UN 3373 substances containing microorganisms which are non-pathogenic to humans or animals is included.

An example of samples belonging to this category UN 3373 is the dried blood samples, collected by shedding blood on absorbent material screening tests fecal occult blood as well as blood or components thereof have been collected with to a transfusion or for the preparation of blood products used for transfusion or transplantation, like any tissue or organ to be used in transplantation.

Looking ahead to the UN 3373 shipments, with Polar Express you can be assured that the package will be approved and robust enough that does not affect the least common transport movement. Therefore, the technical packaging chosen for each shipment require different size and thickness, depending on:

  • The type of sample to be sent.
  • Transit time between origin and destination.
  • The temperature required depending on the simple.

Packaging Techniques

So that the delivery of the product is done in perfect conditions, POLAR EXPRES uses active/semi-active and passive containers, according to the different temperature ranges, hours in transit, thermo-stability and type of material being transported.

The design of our packages makes it so that we can guarantee up to 130 hours of thermo-stability at any temperature range.

The continuous labor of our production division allows us to provide our with sufficient technology to preserve the product during transport, with 100% guarantee, that there will be no harm done to the goods, while inside the vehicles or facilities, nor will there be changes in temperature. Your product always travels in the same packaging and at the same temperature.

We rely on the latest technology in insulation VIP (Vaccum Insulated Panels), made with a laminate with several plates and a vacuum seal. They are characterized by their high resistance thermal qualities, so they have an isolating capacity between five and seven times more than traditional packages. Furthermore, they reduce the environmental impact since they can be reused continuously.

Our reusable packages have incorporated a temperature thermometer in series, which can be read from the outside, and now we are undertaking and important reform consisting of the installation of GPS modules for all of our reusable containers. The new system will permit use to transmit information about package’s position and the temperature inside the package (not within the vehicles like previous, more traditional systems), all in real time.

We have data for position, temperature of the goods themselves, not only vehicle temperature, in real time. In this way, our clients will always know where their samples are and at what temperature they could be found.