Global Project Study

We provide you with personalized advice on customs, invoices, certificates, policies ...

Biological Samples

International destination through any customs. We solve the customs management and sanitary inspections in destination.

Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics

the ISO 21973:2020 standard is an important step forward in ensuring that these therapies are transported consistently.

Temperature-controlled Transport

Temperature control in all situations. We assure temperature ranges anywhere in the world even by air, sea or land service.

Sensitive Food Samples

Samples of the food sector for a commercial test or microbiological analysis at national and international level.

Packaging Solutions UN3373

Department of development of packaging solutions for biological samples.

Laboratory Transfer

We promise to move the machines, as well as what they contain.

Medication Transport

Vehicles equipped with all temperatures, packaging with vacuum panels and temperature recorders.

Special Services

National and international services that require a previous study and a customized solution.

Kits for clinical studies

We develop kits for biological samples of all levels of complexity and phases of clinical studies.